Stars are really fascinating, I find. Not because what they are made of or how they have come into being. I could probably read about them and gain some knowledge, but I don’t have the patience to really get it. Instead I accepted that that they are just shiny and beautiful in the sky, visible for me and others when it is dark. They are just there, a bit like they are there for me to watch. They don’t do anything special, aren't trying to be anything special. They are just there, making the sky a little bit more beautiful. 

There’s something else about them that I find curious. If I watch them long enough, it is like they start to communicate with me. They are not doing anything, but something in me changes after a while. To make it happen I need to engage in watching without expecting anything particular to happen. I am just in the watching. Then, sometimes something is happening between me and the stars. I don’t know if I have the words for it but it’s not so important. However, what is important, is that something is different when I stop watching the stars and go for a late dinner with my family.



Choreography and dance: Bente Alice Westgård
Light design and scenography: Martin Myrvold
Costume design: Kristine Gjems
Soundtrack: Hugo Hedberg